Carmen has spent most of her life with ink on her fingers and a dangerously high pile of books and newspapers by her side.
She has worked as a newspaper reporter on two continents and always dreamt of becoming a novelist and screenwriter. When she found herself crouched under her dining table, typing away on a novel between two earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand, she realised she was hooked for life. The shaken but stirring novel made it to the longlist of the Mslexia competition, and her next book and first mystery, The Case Of The Missing Bride, was a finalist in the Malice Domestic competition in a year without a winner.
Carmen was born in Hamburg, Germany, but had planned on emigrating since she was five years old. She first moved to New Zealand and now lives in York, UK, with her family, including a cat and a leopard gecko.


Meredith Whitford lives in Adelaide, South Australia. 

After far too many years working for Federal and State governments she became a freelance editor and writer, and from 1998 was Director of Between Us Manuscript Assessment Service. She also went to university as a mature-age student, and has a BA from the University of Adelaide and a Master's in Creative Writing from Flinders University. Her Master's thesis, the novella "What Became of Winifred Wimsey?" (available somewhere online) was on Golden Age crime fiction, still one of her great interests.

After being rejected by several publishers on the grounds that "No one is interested in books about Richard III," her first novel, Treason, published by indie Bewrite Books, won the 2002 international Eppie Award for historical fiction. Her second novel, Shakespeare's Will, was released in 2010. In 2014 Umbria Press UK published Churchill's Rebels: Jessica Mitford & Esmond Romilly, for which she had received a research grant from the Literature Board of The Australia Council. She won a bronze medal readers award from The Wishing Shelf Awards for that biography.

All of her books are published as ebooks by Lume Media UK, and are available online as both ebooks and paperbacks through Amazon and other bookstores.

But for the help of her cats, she would have already published her fifth book...


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